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How to Find the Ideal Name Length for Your iOS App

When we talk to app publishers about App Store Optimization (ASO), the topic of app names inevitably comes up. It can actually be a source of conflict in their organizations. If this is the case, they are always torn between two choices.

The first choice is to only include the app name. This option is generally preferred because it is aesthetically pleasing. Not having keywords in the name of an app can also make it seem like the app is so popular that doesn’t need ASO.

The second choice is to add several keywords to the name to take advantage of the ASO benefit. But this doesn’t look quite as slick. When taken too far, it can also make the app look unprofessional.

So how do you find the right balance? This post will show you how to figure out the ideal name length for your iOS app.

Cost Per Install (CPI) of Mobile Apps Continues to Rise

We track various app marketing methods and we have noticed a steady rise in Cost Per Install (CPI) advertising. Some of the recent increases have actually been quite substantial.

This post will show you what you can expect to pay and how quickly costs are rising. CPI will obviously vary, depending on the ad network. But these examples will give you a good overview.

Overall CPI Increases

First, let’s look at the overall increases across all categories. A recent report by Chartboost shows that the CPIs on their network increased modestly in June 2014.

The average CPIs on Google Play increased by approximately 5% to $1.06. This average does mask big gains in some countries however. For example, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Korea all saw more than 33% increases in their Google Play CPIs.

Now Tracking Screenshot Localization in the Internationalization Analysis Module


Our Internationalization module is a great way to see how your app compares to other apps in the areas of localization and international user base. We recently made it even better by showing you which countries have localized screenshots. In this post, we will show you how access this information and how it can help you get more downloads.

Localized Screenshots Tracking

Enterprise customers will now see an additional column in the Internationalization module. When the icon is green, it shows that the screenshots have been localized for that country. A red icon shows that no localization has been done.

Android Developer Resources - Programming and App Marketing


Regardless if you are just getting started with Android development or you are seasoned developer, you will always need to keep up with the latest technology (or figure out how a previous version worked). This post is a collection of Android developer resources that you can reference when you are building your apps.

Android Development

Google Resources

Training – If you are new to Android development, this basic training guide will get you started. It will take you through everything from building your first app, to interacting with other apps, to managing the activity lifecycle.

API Guides – These API guides provide details on how to use Android’s APIs to build apps.

Tools – Get the Android SDK and other tools you need to build your Android apps.

How Companies Boost Brand Awareness With World Cup Related Apps

Savvy app marketers are always on the lookout for ways to use holidays and events to increase the number of downloads of their apps. The biggest event going on right now is the World Cup.

So let’s take a look at three companies that are not soccer related and how they are using the World Cup to increase public awareness of their apps. Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas for your next promotion.

McDonald’s GOL!

McDonald’s is one of the sponsors of the World Cup. But they did not rely on their sponsorship alone to increase awareness of their brand. They created a separate app, just for the World Cup.

Why Screenshots Will Be Even More Important in iOS 8

We are preparing for the arrival of iOS 8 by gathering all the information we can on how the new update will affect app publishers. One area that we are excited about is how screenshots will be displayed in search.

This post will show you the differences between how your app screenshots will appear in iOS 8 and how they currently appear in iOS 7. When you see the changes, you will understand why it will be even more important to have the right screenshots when the update takes effect.

Let’s begin by taking a look at how the search results will look in iOS 8. Here are a couple of results from a search for the keyword “game.”


This is what the same search result looks like in iOS 7. The screenshots are much easier to read in iOS 8.

The Ideal Keyword Frequency in the Descriptions of Top Android Games

In a previous post, we mentioned that you should include a target keyword in your Google Play description five times for best results. But does this really help an app rank for a keyword or is just a myth?

This post will examine three top grossing games on Google Play and find out exactly how many times the top keyword appears in the description of the app. We will not look at keywords that are in the title of the app because they have more of an influence on the rankings.

In addition, we will look at the Traffic and Difficulty characteristics of each keyword and where these apps rank for these keywords.

Candy Crush Saga

The keywords that an app publisher chooses to target can be surprising. One example is the keyword “sweet.”

How to Remove Likes From Facebook and Why You Should Do It for Your App’s Page

Some app marketers think that more Likes on their Facebook Page is better because it looks more impressive to new potential customers and it means that you are reaching more people. Having hundreds or even thousands of followers can also give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Since you are reading this blog, you know that App Store Optimization is a lower cost way to get more downloads of your app. When done properly, social media can also be a low cost lead generator.

When it comes to Facebook however, more followers can actually be a bad thing. This post will show you exactly why this is the case and how to remove Likes from Facebook Pages to increase the effectiveness of your app marketing.

7 More Apple App Store Categories Now Hand Curated in Europe


In the US and Canada, we are used to seeing curated apps come up when we open any category on desktop iTunes or on the iOS App Store. But this isn’t the case in other countries.

For example, Apple only used to curate apps in the games, kids, education, food and Newsstand categories in Europe. As of this month however, the editorial team is now recommending iOS apps in the productivity, photo & video, sport, music, lifestyle, health and travel categories, bringing the total to 12 out of the 24 primary categories.

This post will show you why this can be beneficial to app publishers and how to research this opportunity for your app.

5 Reasons to Create Amazon Fire Phone Apps

Amazon announced their foray into the mobile phone hardware market yesterday with the new Fire Phone, running Amazon’s Android-based Fire OS. There is a lot of press on how the average end user will use the phone, but what does this mean to app developers?

In this post, we will take a look at pros and cons when it comes to developing apps for the new phone and the Amazon Appstore in general. In my opinion, a lot of the features that were announced with the new phone weren’t terribly exciting and while useful, are already available or could be replicated with an app on other devices.

However, there are some very interesting opportunities that present themselves with this new device and are why you should consider publishing apps on the Amazon Appstore.

1. Mayday


I believe that this will be the defining feature of the phone and will ultimately be responsible for attracting a large percentage of its user base. Just by tapping the Mayday button, users will have access to 24/7 technical support.

The support person can control your screen and even draw on the screen to point things out. If you have ever worked in IT or tried to teach technology to technically challenged members of your family, you can truly appreciate how valuable this feature can be.