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Raising iPhone App Purchase Price Decreases Downloads, but Can Increase Revenue in These Countries

Price effect in different countries


It is well known that free apps that have in-app purchases generally make more money than paid apps. But this model doesn’t work for all apps. Charging up front for your app may be one of the only viable options for you.

So in this study, we wanted to look at what happens when you try to increase upfront revenue by increasing the price of an app. As you might expect, downloads decrease when you do this. But the revenue increases may surprise you because results vary greatly by country.

Keep in mind that these are median values and that they are broad generalizations. The results can vary significantly by category. We will dig more into specific categories and industries in future studies, but it is important to first establish a baseline across all apps.

How to Get Estimated Downloads and Revenue for Apps

Downloads and Revenue for iOS and Android


Our App Store Optimization platform has become the industry standard and we are really happy to see the gains that our customers have made. But understanding ASO is really only half the story when it comes to doing app store research.

The other half is understanding how many downloads other apps are getting and how much revenue each app makes. This gives you much deeper insight into things like: how many downloads it takes to get on the Top Charts, how feature updates affect revenue, and more.

We have been working on our Store Intelligence product for a long time and we are happy to announce that it is finally officially available today. This post will show you what kind of information you can get out of it and how it will help you improve your app marketing.

How Much Money iOS Apps Make Per Download (by Category)

Income per download for apps


iOS apps are generally more profitable than Android apps. You can read about that on other sites. But have you ever wondered how much money iOS apps actually make per download?

We wondered the same thing. So we dug into our Store Intelligence data and took a look the revenue per download, for all iOS apps, worldwide.

Some categories, like games, are not surprising. But there are other categories that may make more than you think. If you are looking to create a new app, this data might help you pick a category that will give you the best return per download.

This data is also taken from before and after the holiday period, it is a good look at how profitable each download is during the holiday season. We all know that downloads and total revenue typically increase during December, but is each download actually more profitable?

Here is what we discovered…

ASO Case Study - 700% Increase in Downloads With App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization Education


Although we work with some of the largest app publishers in the world, NDAs prevent us from doing as many in-depth case studies as we would like. Actually, it is tough to get any company to do a case study, NDA or not. But that is completely understandable, we won’t give away our competitive advantages either.

So we are always happy when one of our customers voluntarily steps forward and shares their experiences with App Store Optimization. This video presentation is an concise and informative presentation on what is working for one startup.


Gaston Irigoyen started his app journey at Google in 2006, as one of the first employees at the Buenos Aires office. He did various things in his first couple of years and eventually became really good at Adwords optimization.

This experience was the perfect background for what we now call App Store Optimization. Before he actually gets into his ASO tips in the video, he shares an interesting story about an app that he helped develop for the 2010 World Cup, in South Africa.

They launched the app just before the World Cup and purely through ASO, they were able to get the top 5 across all Spanish speaking App Stores. Then they sold the app to Kia Motors, who was a World Cup sponsor, but didn’t have a mobile presence.

How to Find Influencers to Help You Market Your App to Millions of Potential Users

Find more influencers


Puneet Yamparala SFAbout the Author: Puneet Yamparala is the founder of the App Entrepreneurs Association and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He has been involved in building app businesses for the last 5 years and helps people build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from their ideas.

Puneet has also built one of the largest app related communities on Facebook. Find out more about how he did it at the end of this post. He can be reached on Twitter.


When I started marketing apps 5 years ago, just like most app entrepreneurs I had absolutely no clue what was the right way to market apps. I tried many different strategies and learned a lot from all these strategies.

What I realized is that not all marketing strategies are created equal and to really succeed on the app store you need to implement High Impact strategies. When you are aiming to get extraordinary results, there are basically two types of High Impact strategies.

App Review Tags Now Available for Easier Analysis

review analysis tips


As you probably know, Review Mining can uncover a ton of valuable information about your competition. You can also find out what people love about your app and how you can improve your app.

But Review Mining can take a long time. Until now, you have had to rely on a series of text searches to find what you are looking for.

Terms like “crash” and “bug” are obvious searches to find out what is wrong with your app, but what about terms that you may not have thought of? In this post, we will show you how our new tagging feature can make your job of analyzing app reviews much easier.

The Best Days to Launch or Promote Your iOS App - by Category (Q1 2015)

when to launch your app


From time-to-time, we get questions like: What is the best day to launch or promote an app? Of course, there is no blanket answer and you have to take a look at each individual category.

We knew the day of the week tendencies of a few categories, but we wanted to give an exact answer. So our Data Science team did a study of all the primary iOS categories to find out which days of the week typically have more estimated downloads and revenue.

In this post, we will show you the results. Some of them are surprising.

We totaled the estimated weekly downloads and revenue for all iOS apps in the US, for each category. Then we broke down the downloads and revenue by day to see what percentage of the weekly total happened on each day. This data is for January through March, 2015.

Understanding revenue tendencies is important because you need to know when to run your in-app purchase promotions. If you are launching an app for the first time or running a download ad campaign, you need to understand when people are most likely to download your app.

Here is what we found…


books category


How Visual Mobile Analytics Can Improve UX and Increase Retention

Mobile visual analytics


Robin SchwartzAbout the Author: Robin Schwartz is the Community Manager at Appsee App Analytics, a visual analytics solution. She has been working in Tech for over nine years and loves working in the Mobile space.

She can be reached on LinkedIn.

* * *

Hearing about a magnificent rainbow doesn’t hold a candle to seeing a magnificent rainbow. There is something to having a visual picture that simply cannot be matched by imagination.

Or data.

Receiving a report with numbers and charts regarding your app’s performance is nice, but it does not give you the full picture like it would if you had the chance to see your app through your users’ eyes. For this reason we are going to take a look at visual analytics and discover how seeing can lead to very real app improvement down the line.

How to Take the Confusion Out of App Store Keyword Optimization

keyword confusion


Do you find App Store Keyword Optimization confusing? It’s not your fault.

Depending on how you first learned ASO and which tools you are using, the process might be more confusing than it needs to be. In this post, we will clarify the process and answer the most common questions that we get.

At the end of this post, you will have a clear plan as to how to choose your next high quality keyword. We will also give you a couple of simple exercises that you can do to get more familiar with keyword data.

Why Is Germany So Angry? The Happiest and Angriest App Store Countries


Understanding the nuances of other App Store countries can go a long way to helping your apps succeed internationally. One question that came up was, do certain countries tend to rate apps higher than others? We thought that it would be interesting to find out, so we did a little research.

The first statistic that we looked at was the countries with the lowest average rating. Our Data Science team jokingly asked, why is Germany so angry?

The idea stuck.

So we are going to break down the “angriest” and “happiest” countries, as well as look at the countries with the most and least number of total ratings. Our goal in this post is not to hypothesize as to why certain countries have higher or lower average ratings than others.

We simply want to show you what you can expect when targeting these countries and help you choose which countries to target first. Examining the total number of ratings in each country can be a great way to figure out which countries are worth your time.

Highest And Lowest Ratings Counts

Most ratings countries


First, let’s take a look at the countries that have the most iOS ratings. Looking at the total number of ratings will also give you an idea of the relative size of the app market in these countries. App market size is much different from population.