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What Trending Searches Can Reveal About Global Markets

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Apple’s Trending Searches feature appeared last September with the release of iOS 8. We quickly incorporated this information into the Sensor Tower dashboard, so that our customers have yet another resource for conducting keyword research.

But other than ideas for hot new keywords, what more can be learned from Trending Searches? We’ve run the data, and have some interesting new use cases for this tool.

For this study, we looked at Trending Searches from the first half of 2015. Here’s what we learned from the year to date.

Streaming Music Mobile Apps: SmackDown 2015

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Today’s post is a special guest contribution by Sensor Tower’s VP of Operations, Jeff Yates.

With Apple’s acquisition of Beats Music last year, and today’s launch of a new streaming music service, the world is poised to listen and change. While Apple is considered to be a strong favorite to come out on top of the streaming music competition, the timing of the winners and losers is never quite as clear as the pundits may have you think.

There’s nothing like good hard data to back up your market assessment, identify the bodies before they hit the ground, and shore up your competitive positioning if you are in the fight with other apps in this space.

To that end, we’ve taken Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence product for a spin,* to size up the “pre-fight” positioning of the major contenders. We’ll revisit the arena again in a month or so, to see how things have panned out.

Note: For our leading metric, we’ve focused on download counts rather than revenue. Many streaming music services monetize outside of the Apple eco-system, and we want to make sure we’re comparing apples to apples.

New and Improved: Category Rankings in Sensor Tower

New Data to Consider When Updating Your Android App


Tracking how an app ranks in each of its respective categories is an important part of the ASO workflow. Improved category rankings indicate that your marketing strategy is paying off. The closer an app gets to the top of the charts, the more visible it becomes.

This month, we’ve increased the functionality of our Category Rankings module to ensure that all Sensor Tower users are getting maximum utility from the feature, along with increased ease of use.

Let’s take a look at the new possibilities!

Data Checkpoint: Two Months With the Apple Watch

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Tomorrow marks the two month anniversary of Apple Watch. Early adopters have been more than willing to share their initial feedback, which covers the anticipated spectrum (from new toy joy to “meh” and disappointment).

But how has this new mobile marketplace been developing? We’ve used our data to create an Apple Watch update, in order to help developers and publishers plan their next steps in conjunction with the device.

Four Ways Sensor Tower’s Review History Feature Will Improve Your ASO

Four Ways Sensor Tower's Review History Feature Will Improve Your ASO


The quantity and quality of your app’s reviews can have a major impact on performance. Multiple positive reviews signal a quality product, inspiring others to download. Apple and Google take this data into consideration within their ranking algorithms.

By incorporating the Review History module into our platform, Sensor Tower has allowed developers to easily navigate all of their user feedback. And guess what? It’s free for all Sensor Tower users!

In this post, I’ll share four of my favorite ways to use this feature and improve ASO for any app.

Four Ways Grin Apps Uses Store Intelligence to Conquer the Mobile Marketplace

Four Ways Grin Apps Uses Store Intelligence to Conquer the Mobile Marketplace


Today’s guest post is written by Brandon Brown, the co-founder of Grin Apps.

At Grin we build apps that enhance the world’s most popular social networks. We call them companion apps. We’re a part of a small but growing group of global publishers competing in a new vertical in the app economy. The segment is still very young, but we envision a bright future and are investing accordingly.

With publishers facing more and more competition daily, getting our hands on accurate competitive data has been a key differentiator for us at Grin. As such, we are a partner with Sensor Tower and an avid user of their Store Intelligence product. Here is a brief overview of how this product has influenced our app strategy to date.

Blades of Brim and the Art of Successful Global Launches

Blades of Brim and the Art of Successful Global Launches


The creators of last year’s wildly popular Subway Surfers have appeared in the app store again! Earlier this month SYBO released Blades of Brim for iOS, a game which combines endless runner gameplay with more classic RPG elements.

How did this brand new app grab thousands of downloads immediately upon release? Today, I’ll show you how to deconstruct SYBO’s launch and ASO strategies using the Sensor Tower platform.

Why Geographic Research Matters When Launching Your iOS App

Why Geographic Research Matters When Launching Your iOS App


Launching a brand new app involves strategizing and careful decision-making. Store Intelligence data is a powerful ally in ensuring a successful launch. We’ve already investigated which categories generate the most total revenue overall.

Today, we’ll take our study a step further to see how much money app users around the world are willing to spend, and what types of apps they’re likely to purchase. If you’re planning to do a soft launch internationally, this is data you’ll definitely need.

How to Identify the World’s Fastest Growing Apps With Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence Product

Downloads and Revenue for iOS and Android


In April, Sensor Tower announced the anticipated arrival of our Store Intelligence product. Statistical models built by our data science team have been providing download and revenue estimates for iOS and Android apps in the market, with phenomenal accuracy.

This week, we’ve incorporated a new feature to provide even greater insight into the ever-evolving app market: Top & Trending Apps. Learn how this added functionality will provide your team with important data points around the competition’s growth, for both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.