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Sensor Tower Introduces App Analytics Metrics and a Sleek New UI

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Continuously improving our platform’s functional offerings and ease-of-use are high priorities at Sensor Tower. That’s why we’ve rolled out two incredible improvements to our App Intelligence solution this week.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the reworked navigation pane within the dashboard. I’ll also show you how we’ve incorporated your App Store Analytics from iTunes connect. And we’re not just pulling in the basics… Our engineers have added some flair of their own to ensure that your ASO and app marketing efforts evolve intelligently and efficiently.

Two App Marketing Strategies Learned From the Great Card Wars Comeback

What We Learned from the Great Card Wars Comeback


One of the best perks at Sensor Tower HQ is, without a doubt, unlimited access to data for all of our favorite apps. Okay, so maybe we’re a little nerdy… but our team is always using Sensor Tower’s Enterprise solutions to reverse engineer launch strategies, revenue trends, and more.

Cartoon Network’s Card Wars is one of my best-loved apps, so I’m always checking in on them to see how things are going. I discovered two strategies their mobile team is implementing to great success (read: huge spikes in downloads and consistent revenue). Come along with me on a data adventure!

The Ultimate Power of Trending Searches

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In early July, we did a breakdown of the App Store’s trending searches by country. You can read about what terms showed up most frequently around the world, and also discover how “sticky” the terms were (or how long they remained in Apple’s list).

Many of our customers wanted to see the impact that the trending searches feature can have, particularly on an app’s downloads. So today, we’ve investigated the effect this increased visibility can have on an app’s daily downloads. (Spoiler alert: It’s kind of amazing.)

5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Android App’s Visibility

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Because we work with hundreds of app developers, we’re keenly aware of how daunting entering the mobile marketplace can be. The time, energy and love spent building an awesome new product is merely a first step on the road to success. App Store Optimization needs to play a role in every developer’s process, both before and after app launch.

Though there are many steps one can (and should) take to continually optimize an app’s metadata, our team of ASO experts has created a list of five straightforward action items you can tackle today to improve your Android app’s Google Play visibility.

Case Study: How A/B Testing Can Improve Your App’s Conversion Rates

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Guest Post: This post is written by Eugene Svartsevich (left) who is a member of the Bamboo Apps marketing team, and Matt Krivoshein (right) of Both Eugene and Matt have extensive experience in mobile app marketing, with a focus on growth-hacking techniques.

Headshots of Guest Post Authors


The Background

In today’s digital era, where app developers have to fight for the interest of potential buyers, app store product page optimization (also know as ASO) is becoming increasingly important. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play are marketplaces where the first impression actually counts. Along with the app’s name and icon, screenshots have a crucial role in driving installs to your mobile app. Well-designed screenshots focus a user’s attention, ultimately getting the viewer to click, scroll and download. If you screenshots are not compelling enough, expect visitors to bounce off of your app page.

All right. You have a team and a few ideas, but how can you be sure which one will really hit the spot? This is where A/B testing comes in, to give you a better understanding of what converts better for your specific app.

How Moburst Uses Sensor Tower to Turn Small Startups Into Successful App Creators

How Moburst Uses Sensor Tower to Turn Small Startups Successful App Creators


Today’s guest post is written by Sara Cole, ASO Manager of Moburst. We are delighted that Moburst is an Enterprise Partner of Sensor Tower.

Some apps are bigger than others, and some apps need more help than others. With more than 1.5 million and 1.4 million apps on Google Play and iTunes respectively, it’s only natural that most apps will need all the help they can get. At Moburst, we aim to provide that kind of assistance, helping various apps with ASO (app store optimization) methods.

There are multiple reasons why apps should conduct ASO. Instead of going over the reasons, tips and recommendations, we’ll share a case study for one app that enjoyed our optimization treatment using the Sensor Tower platform.

Video Post: An ASO Deep Dive With Sega and Sensor Tower


San Francisco’s Agile Marketing Meetup recently hosted an event dedicated to ASO best practices and learnings. Sensor Tower co-founder Alex Malafeev shared extensive knowledge of ASO’s importance, ASO best practices for the iOS and Android platforms, and current trends in the mobile marketplace.

We were also delighted that Spiros Christakopoulos (Senior Manager of User Acquisition for Sega) spoke at the event. Providing direct examples of the successes Sega has achieved via ASO, Spiros’ presentation is an invaluable look at the benefits of regular testing and iteration.

What Trending Searches Can Reveal About Global Markets

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Apple’s Trending Searches feature appeared last September with the release of iOS 8. We quickly incorporated this information into the Sensor Tower dashboard, so that our customers have yet another resource for conducting keyword research.

But other than ideas for hot new keywords, what more can be learned from Trending Searches? We’ve run the data, and have some interesting new use cases for this tool.

For this study, we looked at Trending Searches from the first half of 2015. Here’s what we learned from the year to date.

Streaming Music Mobile Apps: SmackDown 2015

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Today’s post is a special guest contribution by Sensor Tower’s VP of Operations, Jeff Yates.

With Apple’s acquisition of Beats Music last year, and today’s launch of a new streaming music service, the world is poised to listen and change. While Apple is considered to be a strong favorite to come out on top of the streaming music competition, the timing of the winners and losers is never quite as clear as the pundits may have you think.

There’s nothing like good hard data to back up your market assessment, identify the bodies before they hit the ground, and shore up your competitive positioning if you are in the fight with other apps in this space.

To that end, we’ve taken Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence product for a spin,* to size up the “pre-fight” positioning of the major contenders. We’ll revisit the arena again in a month or so, to see how things have panned out.

Note: For our leading metric, we’ve focused on download counts rather than revenue. Many streaming music services monetize outside of the Apple eco-system, and we want to make sure we’re comparing apples to apples.